He is Risen!

Mark 16:1-8


Description:We see in Mark 16:1-8 that the bodily resurrection of Christ brings us good news...1) In the confusion of devastation2) In the astonishment of the unexpected3) In the depths of despair

Denying Jesus

Luke 22:31-34


Description:Every time we sin, we deny Jesus and his gospel. Fortunately for us, we see in Luke 22:31-34 that Jesus...1)Sovereignly rules2)Strengthens through prayer3)Saves by grace

A Different Kind of King

Matthew 21:6-11


Description:Sometimes our expectations keep us from seeing reality. If we have the wrong expectations about Jesus, we can fail to see that, compared with how it might seem at first glance, 1) He makes more sense2) He has more might, and 3) He is due more glory

Better that One Man Should Die

John 11:45-53


Description:We see in John 11:45-53 that sometimes even very religious people can have...1) The wrong motivation2) The wrong understanding, and 3) The wrong plan

Knowing Our Shepherd

John 10:22-30


Description:Rev. Scribner preaches from John 10:22-30, where we see that as sheep who belong to Jesus...1) We believe in Him2) We are known by Him3) We have eternal life through Him

The Gospel According to Jesus

Luke 4:16-22


Description:In Luke 4:16-22, we see how the Messiah came proclaiming good news to all peoples, including:1) Those who were poor2) Those who were enslaved3) Those who were blind4) Those who were oppressed

Behold! The Lamb of God

John 1:29-34


Description:Rev. Scribner preaches from John 1:29-34, where we see Jesus as:1) Atoning Sacrifice2) Etenally Preeminent3) Annointed Messiah4) God Incarnate

Following in Adam's Footsteps

Genesis 3:1-15


Description:Rev. Scribner begins a new series for Lent entitled, "The Road to Calvary." We learn in Genesis 3:1-15 that because Adam acted on our behalf, we see in him how we…1.Face Temptation, 2.Fall in Sin, and 3.Find the Gospel